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Monday, 23 March 2009

KK-Brunei-Miri-Bintulu trip

I'm back, in one piece but totally bushed from the long hours in the car. We were on the road for almost 18 hours in total, well including the occasional stopovers.

This is it! That's our ride.. While loading up our luggage in the boot, two ears shot up from the passenger seat. Guess who's on board? My Mom's dog, Snapper! Awww, sorry Snapper, you don't have a passport. Lol...

(Limestone hills in Lawas)

(A suspension bridge in Lawas)

(Brunei-Limbang border post)

(Two cousins so happy to see each other again)

(Group photo from left: Me, my son Reynard protesting, my hubby, Glory, Geena, Gwen and my mom)

Next morning, on Saturday, after saying our goodbyes to my cousin in Brunei, it's off to Miri. It took us about 3 hours to reach Sg. Tujoh, Brunei-Sarawak border post.

This bridge is called the ASEAN Bridge. ---------->

My son call it "kasian" bridge.
Then another half hour to reach Miri. Before heading for Bintulu, we stopped by at my hubby's cousin's house. We had lunch with them and then started our journey down to Bintulu (Bimpilu as my son say it).

(The road to Bintulu - nothing but boring oil palm trees) -------->

(Group photo at the hotel where we stayed) ------->

On Sunday morning, after breakfast with my brother Gary, my hubby's cousin & family, it's back to Miri by road in their Toyota Alphard, to catch our flight back to KK on AirAsia.

<--(My son so excited to be in the airplane)

Whew! It was an exhausting trip, but it was fun and a good experience. I would do it again in the future!


SLY said...

why the gambar so small! hahahah...

Reina said...

i sengaja kasi small