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Saturday, 28 February 2009

Twilight Bug - Part II

After finishing New Moon..... the hunt continues and I was getting anxious because in a small city like Kota Kinabalu (fondly known as KK), there are only a handful of bookstores around. And each and every one (big and small stores) that I visited to check whether they have Eclipse in stock had me leaving out their doors dissappointed. So.. everyone in town is hooked until all the bookstores ran out of stock?? I think so, too.... I even asked my sister who's working in KL to help me check the bookstores over there, but what do you know? Same situation.. Not in stock, grrr... Ok, nevermind... I wanted to buy online but the shipping charges to Malaysia was damn expensive, so that was out of the question. Then.... a new bookstore opened in 1Borneo last month... Harris Bookstore. I checked it out and was both excited and dissappointed, excited because they have Breaking Dawn aplenty in stock, dissappointed because they don't have Eclipse. (Eclipse is the 3rd series).. The staff in Harris were very helpful, and I was so glad that I can place an order for the book I wanted and that they would call me when it arrives.... so, I bought the 4th book first (which is still in the plastic bag and sitting in the shelf at home) , and I'll just wait for the 3rd book... and waited while living my everyday live doing my everyday thing...

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